ICE-RINK at LETNÁ 2022/2023

The Municipality of Prague is preparing a very popular public ice rink. For the seventh season, you can skate free daily from 9am to 9pm until 28 February 2023.

You can slide on the main ring (40 x 20 m), or on the second, smaller ring (20 x 10 m) where the smallest of us can learn to skate. The whole area is equipped with a rubber carpet ready to walk in skates.

Within the rink grounds, a heated large-capacity tent designed to change shoes or rest is once again prepared for visitors. You can also buy small snacks at a bistro right by the rink, and for anyone who forgets their skates at home, or even for casual passersby, there’s a skate rental. Of course in ice ring area is also a heated toilet, again equipped with a rubber carpet walk.

We look forward to your visit!


Christmas on ice

Devilish ice-skating

St Valentine’s Day